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For example, for arranging hotels, meeting locations, business dinners, evening programs, transfers or something else.

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Voor bijvoorbeeld het regelen van hotels, vergaderlocaties, zakelijke diners, avondprogramma's, transfers of iets anders.

Je aanvraag wordt beveiligd verstuurd en opgeslagen.

Je bespaart jezelf gemiddeld 16 uur aan zoeken en regelen

We proberen je binnen een uur te bellen om je wensen te bespreken zodat we het helemaal op maat kunnen bouwen voor jou

Binnen 24 uur ontvang je je vrijblijvende offerte met alle reserveringen

500+ organisaties vertrouwden eerder op ons

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Why we can offer this for free

Our services are completely free of charge. You only pay the hotels, venues, etc. for what you book. We receive special rates from hotels, venues, restaurants and events, because as a reservation agency we often purchase at a high volume. This allows us to offer you all reservations at a rate that is the same or lower than if you would arrange it yourself.

We have a worldwide network and we are 100% independent and transparent in our actions. On the summery invoice you always see exactly what you pay to whom and this is never more than if you had booked it yourself. In fact, it is often lower, because we know exactly how far we can go in negotiating rates and the best cancellation policies.

Within the travel and event industry it is very common to book through an agency such as BHS. That's win-win-win for everyone. The hotels and venues are happy with the extra business, you are happy with our service and we earn an honest fee for connecting you.


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